Thursday, August 17, 2006

I sure felt like running today

mom likes pictures of pretty flowers...

there was a huge swarm of babies and mommies and wheely things....I want one of those wheely things to get walked in

This is the feerless MJ...climbing the rocks at
Dallas Beach...I wanted to go swimming but it was too far to the water

Well bloggers...MJ here...I have had a rough day. Mommy took me to Dallas road...and I ran and ran...but then I got the belly ache...poor me...I got the runsss.....i didnt know that running could make you get the runs.....but mommy said that is what i had. So we came home from the Beach and Mommy told me I should drink some water and have a nap. So I did that...then when I wasnt looking mommy and daddy sneaked away. I was hoping they would be right back...I mean who leaves a poor sick pup home alone with a grouchy old cat.? I will tell you who.....My mommy and daddy. Poor MJ is just sitting at home all alone...(with a grouch cat) and mommy and daddy are off wandering the island. Daddy finally got home without mommy. I was worried what he did with was wierd really, he left with mom and came home with Rick...he is a tricky one. Then i slept all night...and now i feel better. But not so better that I am goign to stay fact...i am going to go and have a nap now.
Oh I forgot to tell you this...something else is going on..I keep hearing ma and pa talk about a vacation...and I was really getting happy cuz i like a vacation...(i think) but now i keep hearing them talking about Rick..and Sarah...and Sarahs friends...and the dog....Believe it or not...I sure can't...I dont think MJ is going on vacation. I think THEY are taking a vacation without me. Is that even legal? Isn't there some kind of doggy bylaw or something saying you can't leave your doggys at home when you go on vacation. SOMEONE HELP ME.... there must be some doggy lawyers out there...please let me know...i need to know quick...i hear that THEY are leaving on wednesday...that is only about 20 scooby snacks from now...............MJ OUT


Shannon said...

Oh poor MJ and her upset belly. Its good that your feeling better now.

If your Mom and Dad aren't planning on taking you on vacation, while you know how they do things when your not looking (like sneak away), if they're not looking sneak into the car and hide under something and be very quiet and than when they get to their vacation, SURPRISE!! MJ's in the car and you can all have a family vacation together.


Sam I Am said...

What an AWESOME blog, nice reads. Sorry to hear about your tummy,thank you for stopping by and sharing,

Lots's of Licks!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey M-J,
Sorry to hear you had an upset tummy MJ, must be going around - Sadie Mae was "frowsing up"on her blog.
Hmmmm, not liking the sound of this vacation business - and you being left behind ! Give me a couple of days and I will sneak out to the garage and find dad's car books and I will give you a foolproof way to disable their car so they can't go anywhere !


MJ's doghouse said...

Hi Shannon and SamIam and OPY.thankyou for your comments but here is the real problem,,,um...they arent taking a car...they are taking a bus, then a really big boat..then another really big boat...and then an airplane...MJ here...not to fond of the idea of flying...anyhow my tummy feels a bit better today...but thanks for your thoughts...and wishes....

Sunshade said...

Hey MJ,

Hope your tummy is feeling better now.....

Looking at your pictures from Dallas Rd brings back great memories (yet again..)!! Do you ever go to Ceder Hill X Rd to run on the endowmentland field? I remember that was one of my favourite places to play with my buddies and run around.

Anyway, thanks for checking my blog. Geez....our moms and their cameras!!

Your new Victoria buddy,
Miss Sunshade

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Sometimes our you-mans take a vacation from us. They leave us with someone else - don't worry - that other person always likes to give tons of treats and pets!!!!

Bussie Kissies