Thursday, August 10, 2006

MJs day at saxe

come on mom....let's hit the road
Queen MJ at saxe point
Come on mom...let me play ..stop with the darn camera

Okay so today was basically pretty quiet. MOM was at work guess who was stuck at home with HIM....His leg he couldn't take me to the always have an excuse. So mom came home, we at the supper he made.....(not least he didn't forget how to cook while he was away.)...and mom took me to saxe point...and guess what...the only other dog there was a pure bred pitty ...and he tried to eat my head....I showed him...I went back to mom. Big dumb boy dog. (Its okay..i know most of my boy dog buddies wouldnt try and eat my head....he must have been in a bad mood...)..anyhow then we came home and that was the end of the day..oh except dad just gave me a treat...he looked pretty sneaky when he gave it to me....but it tasted good so I wont complain...anyhow I forgot to tell you all that yesterday we went to the Vets. I love the Vets...she was very nice. She said that I lost 20 pounds over the summer. (Mom said that is cuz we got so much exercise while dad was away.) anyhow then she gave me this pill, it is to get rid of worms or something...aparently it tastes like beef....I wonder who tasted it to make that assumption....anyhow i havent had the pill I dont know what it tasted like....oh oh....wait a minute....."Dad what did you say that treat was?'


Tigersan said...

The area looks like a nice place to play and mark ;)
Darn, it sounds like they fooled you in giving you that pill.
Or, maybe they just forgot ;)

Shannon said...

The pill will help keep you healthy. And you already said you liked the taste of it.

Wow!! Twenty pounds. That makes you a mean, lean, loving machine..


Charlie Kelley-Church said...

My heart worm "pills" (they are more like chewy boxy shaped thnings) don't taste too bad either. Mom gives me one and marks the calendar for the next month with a little heart sticker so she can remember when to give them to me. After she usually gives me a couple of treats that say goober-lishis meaning they are peanut butter flavored. Man, I will do just about anything for peanut butter flavored treats!


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