Friday, August 04, 2006

My crazy sister is here AGAIN

MJ is Queen of the household...It is cleaning day at the Rouleau's and MJ is queen so I dont do anything..

That's Your Highness MJ to all my peeps....

Today was a good day. We slept alot...I helped mom sleep some more..Then Rhia came over and brought me some timbits...I do love a good Timbit. (all you non timbit eaters...they are donut darn good...and a very nutritional diet suppliment)...when Rhia left we drove my brother to Timmys house, and mommy and me went to the beach again. My SHM forgot the camera though, and this is horrible...because we saw a lot of very adorable dogs today...Man..I was sniffing butt for a long time. There were two very tiny jack russel terrier puppies. There names were lilly and oh gosh i cant remember..but they were cute...I wanted mommy to bring one home..well...actually mommy wanted to bring one home...but the man kept watching her...oh well...then i went for a nice long swim. I am an amazing swimmer. I can not wait til i see my dad again and he sees what an amazing swimmer I am. Anyhow Mom told me something very exciting is happening here on Monday. That is only three more sleeps. I am told it is the most exciting thing ever. But mommy wont tell me what. She just said that I should be very good. My sister was here cleaning up stuff cuz she is having a big party here on sunday night for our Haida sister Rhia. She is very special to us. I always like parties...because when everyone drinks too much beer...MJ gets lots of stuff. Anyhow i need to go to sleep now so the three sleeps till the big surprise will be sooner. I wish my daddy was here...he would tell me what the big surprise was. Goodnight everyone..


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey M-J,

You look very regal in your crown ! Maybe I could borrow it one day ? Hey, since you are such a great swimmer - do you think if you just kept on swimming you would eventually get to Australia and you could play with me ? I would love that !
I think I know what the big surprise is on Monday - but if I tell you it will ruin it - but i think you will be pretty happy :-)
Lots of love

Cairo The Boxer said...

great crown! looking great!