Saturday, August 19, 2006

Did you all Hear the BOOOOM

This was a strange day. Mom and I went to gramma's to get some stuff. Then gramma gave me a treat. It looked like a weiner but gramma said it was a sausage....i dont care what it was yummy...but gramma got a little worried when i went into the middles of her living room carpet to eat it....I do that...but I didnt make a mess...did I gramma.
Next on the way home we were going to go to Island View Beach...but my lost. So we ended up at a place called Beaver Lake. Hmmm...I was interested to meet these beavers. When we got there I got to play with a doberman puppy. Man that pup had the biggest ears that stand up so high...even higer than Floss and his kangaroo ears. I almost laughed out loud but then remembered...sadly...dogs cant really laugh out loud. Darn. So mom and i started on our walk to the water. I like to keep a few (about 50) paces in from of mom...(we royal types do that), so all of a sudden i hear this BOOM.....It freaked me out. Then I hear this groaning....I look back and there is my mom on the ground...on her hands and knees... I don't know what caused the huge BOOM, but I was hoping mom would quit kidding around and get up and get me to the freakin Lake. Anyhow...apparently the BOOM...made it hard for mom to get up she called me to help her. So I went back to see what was going on....and she finally got up, and ewwwwwwwwwwwww...there was gross red stuff all over her knees. But she got up and said Okay, lets get to that Lake...I was a little concerned that there would be another BOOM , but I went along with her anyhow..we took about 10 steps and old mrs mom decides maybe we better get back to the car cuz her legs arent working very good. So being the wonderful dog I am ...I moped back to the car, and mom and I came Lake for MJ. Geez...I wonder what the BOOM was?


Charlie Kelley-Church said...

MJ...Is your mom OK? Red stuff on her knees doesn't sound very good! At least she had you there to help her.


Isabella said...

What was the boom? wow- I would have freaked! You are so brave not to have run off. Heck, I am afraid of my own shadow (literally!) if I had heard a boom like that I would have been gone! And your poor mom! Are her knees okay now? I am so sorry that you and your mom had such a rotten day.
Big Wags,