Friday, August 11, 2006

My visit with my cousin Maggie

Maggie and I chasing each other
I found Maggies Pigs i need to hide to eat it..(daddy took it away from me and gave it back to maggie...see that would NEVER have happened if he was still on the boat...)
Me looking at Maggie wondering if there are any other things hiding in aunties back yard...I bet there is
This is my AUnties sunflower...isnt it pretty, it is almost as big as the house.

So today was fun...Mom and Dad surprised me and took me to Sooke to see my favorite little doggy cousin Maggie. You have seen pictures of her before. She is a black cocker spaniel...and man does that little girl have energy. We played and played and played ....then i found her pigs ear and dad took it away and then it wasnt fun any more so I made THEM take me home to where I am appreciated. Uncle Les let me give him a big kiss. He won't admit it ...but I know he wants me to go and spend a week in his new camper with him. Wouldnt that be fun...I could lie on the bed in the camper and watch TV with the A/C on...and silly maggie and auntie and uncle Les could do all that silly camping stuff. The camper is really nice. Anyhow it was a nice visit. So right now I am pooped out so I am going to go and lie on the couch with DAD..ya sometimes you gotta lovemmmm....just in case a treat might fall in my mouth or something....bye for now....everyone have a good weekend...


Dachsies Rule said...

Hi MJ!

We have a cousin Maggie too only she is a 12 pound dachshund. If camping includes a comfy place to lay and A/C, it sounds like fun. We hope your uncle takes you so you can tell us all about it!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey M-J !

What a nice day you sound like you had ! Doesn't your dad know that not only are you the Queen, but you have also been on the cover of Time - so he should be your servant and buy you your own pigs ears ?

You need to re-train him !


Charlie The Big Dog said...


My pathetic Dad who just loves those big grey floaty boats wants to know what big grey floaty boat your dad was on for last bajillion years?


Tigersan said...

Me thinks me would get into trouble having fun with that sunflower! Better keep me away from it ;)