Monday, August 14, 2006

Lazy Monday

Me taking my big brother for a walk..he is so slow, sometimes i have to stop and wait for him

Okay here he is again...he is kinda chicken of the water so i have to show him that it is safe...i am at the other side of the picture

Just checking out the big sticks...i dared my mom to throw this one...but she couldnt do it...wimp

Oh hello...what did you have for lunch....

This is a sea lion that was playing hide and seek with mom...see mom..even they dont like you with that dumb camera of yours

well peeps...i got tagged again, but i dont think i have to actually think of five more silly things do i ...who has the rules to this game..i am loving this game by the way...i hope someone thinks of another one really soon...
I dont really have anything to post...i was wondering though if anyone could explain to my mom how to get a site counter that works...we are curoius how many people read our blog....well my blog...moms pictures...if any of you dogs can help me.....give me a woooooof....


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey MJ,

SHD can help you with the counter thingo - but he is pretty sick again tonight. I will let him know and hopefully he can help tomorrow.


Tigersan said...

You look pretty active for a lazy Monday ;)

As for counters... hmmm. Me has tried various things but have yet confidence in one option to recommend anything :(

Cyrus The Great said...

I like your blog too!! I have never seen a sea lion before- do they smell girly? My mom sprays this sea spray mist crap on me and I dont like it every well- I have never been to the ocean and if it smells like that yucky spray stuff- Im never going to go!!!

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hey there,

I will get dad to figure it out and send you an email


Jojo said...

The best country pictures I found here, surprise even can see a sealion! that is cool.. Wonder if one day I can visit your country.. peace and relax.. I promise not to pee in your private pool..
A page dedicate to your visit to my blog:
Pls keep in touch!