Friday, August 04, 2006


My mom went to my cousin Maggie's house today..I didn't get to go...again...but quite frankly I didnt want to go in the hot car way out to Sooke anyhow. See the picture of Maggie....Mom said she sure does like those little freezies...My mom said she will go buy me some...but for now..I am going to have to be happy with T-bone steaks, and ice cream..A girl has got to have her priorities. I went to Saxe Point today, it was fun..especially when i saw a door open there....I decided to go in and check things out. was sooooooooooooooo embarassed.
I finally came out, but mom was a little PO'd at me. The man that owed the house was okay. He just said i should probably stay out cuz he had a little puppy there. Puppies are what MJ likes best. Anyhow I guess I dont have much to say today...OH and lets all say hi to Taylor and Matthew...they are visiting Maggie. ARent they cute....They had a dog named Bailey...but Bailey is in Doggie Heaven. Some day Maybe they will get a new puppy....

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