Friday, June 30, 2006

yummy turltes taste good left a piece of cheese cake in the back of the was called turtle cheese cake...i always wanted to taste a are so tasty. Thanks uncle tony for having a birthday so I could eat mom's cake for her. So nothing much went on today. Mom went over to my uncles house. There wa a little dog named Koda there. I didn't really want to go because the next door neighbour dogs bark all the time. anyhow I promised Tony ....well mom promised Tony...she would put a picture of Koda in my web page. So here he is....and I gotta admit...he is kinda cute.
The other dog is his big brother Copper...he is very nice. I have never met them so I have to take the word of mom...and my mom knows a good dog when she sees one.....


Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi MJ,

Cheese cake turtles sound yummy!
Ive never had cake before, but I am sure my Humans have them. They went to a cake shop yesterday. It might be time for me to "find" a cake aswell!

Stay Cool!


Anonymous said...

Hey MJ you shouldn't eat too much of that Cheesecake... goes straight to your hips.... from one sista to the next... Hey your mom said she might have some friends over before dad comes back.... ask her about it...hope to see you soon Love Megs

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