Tuesday, June 27, 2006


first of all i would like to give a big shout out to my beautiful sister (she told me to say that) Sarah. "holla sarah"...she came with me to the beach tonight and got to see what an awesome swimmer I am. She always brags about what a great swimmer she was when she was on a swim team....sure...but did she bring back a freaking log in her mouth when she swam.....i think not! So dad is still gone. Our pretty red car got out of the hospital today...I though dad would come back with it...dang. Just the car. Oh well at least now I odnt have to be so careful when we go swimming. My mom bought this huge round thing today...it look oddy frightening...I think it may be a bathtub...mom says it is a swimming pool, I will send photos of me in the "swimming pool" tomorrow. Anyhow I have to go t bed today....i hope it is a bit cooler here tomorrow. Have a nice sleep everyone....woof. wooooooooof...

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