Thursday, June 29, 2006

Are YOU Freakin Kidding ME

okay so I am a little angry right now. It started off as a pretty nice day. Mom and I got up and went down to Saxe Point doggy park...I played with a few dogs....especially Murray. Murray was a rescue dog...and now lives with a really nice daddy. He is a beagle. (the dog not the dad)..I got to play fight with Murray and we had lots of fun. After all this "mother" brought me home and left me with my brother. I thought "mother" was going to work. All I do every day is protect that woman. I sleep with her so nobody will bother her, I stay very close to her while she eats, again, so nobody with steal her food, and I go on walks with her to keep her safe and what does "mother" do? I will tell you...she goes out to our auntie's house and visits my cousin Maggie. And Maggie is my very favorite cousin. She is so pretty. (well not as pretty as me....but you get the picture) We just love to play together. And Uncle Les has such a nice garden. We love to play and tear things up. Oh the fun we had. Anyhow back to the problem...I was not invited to Maggies house, and not only was I not invited , mother took pictures of this huge dog thingy with sticks coming out of his head. I could sure have had fun chasing that around. I am a little angry right I cant write too much. the only good thing is that uncle les gave me a colour. It is pink. My favorite colour. Anyhow I am going to go and drown myself in my pool..OH I FORGOT>>>the stupid thing has a hole in it and all the water drained out. Time for me to go and mOPe....(have a good day all you doggys....)

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Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

How rude of your human not to take you to visit Cousin Maggie ! I would ignore her and make her feel REALLY bad, until she feels so guilty she will go and get you a nice big juicy bone. And then, as Freda would say, I would leave her some "pee-mail" just to show her how cranky you were about the whole business and to ensure that it NEVER happens again !