Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fathers Day

Today was a long day with my brother. Mom worked all day, then she went to gramma's for supper. I am not allowed on Gramma's white couches so I refuse to go for dinner. A girl has got to stand her ground. Oh and gramma, if you are reading this, thanks for the doggy bag. Geesh. Anyhow when mom finally did come home I was so surprised, I met her at the car, with the camera and the leash, and got in the car with my sister, Sarah, and my favorite little cousin Jordan. So today most of the photographs in my blog are Jordan's work. My mom says she is pretty sure you will figure out which ones she took. Anyhow Happy Fathers Day, Dad. I hope you are reading this. Mom says she isnt sure you are getting her emails. Anyhow everyone have a good sunday evening, monday morning. Wherever you are in the world. I am going to go and give my mommy my most beautiful puppy dog eyes, and beg for food. So I will talk to you later. Bye ...Good luck tomorrow Opy. I am praying very hard for my bestest doggy pray....Okay in case anybody is wondering...the poodle was a buddy at the park tonight..and the guy with the fishing rod...well, i was just really curious about the interesting smells.....would have been a weeee bit better if he had a fish ....

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