Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Crocodiles 0 pit bulls 1

So, My mom was telling me that she was our Uncle Don at the bakery today, and it made her remember that she needs to send him a picture. Do you see this picture of me with the pitbull eating crocodile? Well, Mom and I went to Uncle
Don's and Auntie Jean's house a couple weeks ago and this crocodile was just loose in their yard. They were hinting about calling that crocodile hunter guy, but I convinced them that I could take care of things myself.
Now, a few weeks later, mr crocodile isn't so tuff. It is
hard to chase people down without any eyes or face.
Pitbull 1-crocodile 0
oh and...the bakery went to the bakery..
How come I don't remember any treats from the bakery?
Well have a good day everyone. Hugs to all my readers,
and don't forget about MJ's rule of the treat size.

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Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

How rude - no treats from the bakery !! Opy and Charlie would declare mutiny if we went to the bakery and didn't buy them a treat ! You need to work on training your humans better MJ :-)


Brooke (Opy's mum)