Tuesday, June 20, 2006

There are treats..and there are TREATS.

I seem to be spending alot of time sitting home alone today. Someone needs to take mom aside and tell her that it isnt good for a dog to be home alone...that gives us way too much time to think of things to do that may get us in trouble. Finally, it was time to go to the beach. Yes, I am a lucky dog...every day I get to go to the beach. Today I was very surprised though, cuz mom bought me a funny leash...It was very short. so short that I could hardly leave my mom's side. She said ti was a good thing we used it today cuz there were about a million little tiny people at the beach. Mom wouldnt let me play with them. AAAAAAh sometimes mom cramps my style. I am a big hit with kids. And they always have yummy faces. Oh well, so we went on a different road by the beach and found some cool trail. We saw a jail. It was from the war or something, but mom says that now they put bad dogs in there that don't listen to there mom and dad's. Hmmmm. I think they should put bad mom's in there, that don't listen to their dogs. Sometimes I have to smack her two or three times before she gets out of bed to walk me. Geez. Is there a doggy help line out there somewhere. Anhow we ran into a very nice man. He had treats in his pocket. He asked me if I wanted a treat, and I was such a good girl that I was sitting before he even said treat. He gave me a treat....at least that is what he said it was. It was so very small. I think, If you are going to give treats to dogs at the beach, maybe it should be large. We could choke on those tiny little things. Lets have them all bigger than a five dollar bill. Okay people. Thanks...Anyhow, I am goign to go now so mommy can take me out in my new limo, and drive our friend home and maybe have a mini walk at the beach. Yay me. Have a good day everyone. OPY< feel better buddy.

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