Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday sunday glorious Sunday

Hey there, Today was great . Well so far anyhow. It is still early. Mom and I just went to the beach again. I get to go every day it seems. I must be doing something right. There were not as many dogs there today, so it gave me more time to explore all the cliffs and beaches and bush. It was great. Mom was worried cuz I went down a huge cliff, that was like a wall almost. Mom is pretty sure most dogs would have taken the trail. I guess most dogs are not as strong as me, and dont like the thrill of the climb. We also saw a funny bird with long skinny legs. Mom thinks it is a crane or a blue heron or something. The only bird she recognized is a sea gull or a crow. She sure is smart my mom. ON the way home we talked to a little old lady who told us to check my feet for grass spurs becuase her friends dog died cuz they went into his body and punctured his bowel. I dont know what a bowel is...but mom says we have to check my feet. I hate when anyone touches my feet so she better catch me when I am snoozing..which could be for the rest of the night. Anyhow Well mom and I were at the beach, dad and Rick went to put all dads stuff on the ship. He is leaving in 5 more sleeps. I know I should be happy, but that means i get half the bed to myself. Fun. Anyhow , I am going to go and sleep for a few hours. So everyone have a good week.

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Cubby said...

You are so lucky to get to go to the beach! I keep trying to talk the moms into going to the lake, but no luck yet!