Monday, June 05, 2006

Two beaches in one fun

So today was a really fun day for me. First of all we got up really early and Mom took dad to work, then we went to saxe point park, which is a doggy park for baby dogs. Well it is a baby sized doggy park...but I like it there. Mom said we were being bad bums (that isnt the word she used) because she let me off the leash in the ON LEASH ONLY area. I was good though...I only pooped on the off leash area...and I made mom pick it up. Poor was stinky. Then the best thing that happened was that Nellie and her sisters ...I cant remember their names...and their mom came to see me. The mom is so nice...she tells me that I am so beautiful. Poor Nellie and the sisters. They must be so jealous to hear how beautiful I am. After this we came home and napped. Then...I could not believe my luck, my brother Rick...wanted to come to the beach with me . So Mom took us to Flemings Beach which is my favorite doggy leashes. Rick and I sat on the hill and looked at the water. He was sooooo tired from running around, so I sat with him until he was able to move again. Boy. some people are so out of shape. Anyhow I ran and ran and met some new friends. My favorite was Cindy. She was a golden retreiver with really auburn mom said it is the same exact colour as my human sister Sarah's hair. I am not sure day I will put a picture of them both in here and you can decide. Well time for me to go. Mom needs the computer to answer her email. Thanks for stopping by.

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debbie said...

your brother rick is all grown up!