Friday, June 23, 2006

Three beaches in one day...yey me

Hello all my friends. I was almost too pooped to blog tonight, but mom reminded me that I have a committment to the fans. So I got my nice oversized butt, (i know it's nice cuz it gets sniffed on a daily bases and they all come back to sniff more)off the couch, and here I am., speaking to my fans. Today was like most days. I ate, slept, and ran...(i am sure I did other things, but a lady just doesnt talk about that.) I was home alone for awhile cuz mom and rick had to work, but was I ever surprised when My sister showed up. It was nice for a minute or two, but out comes the cleaning products and the starts getting all smelly and noisy. And...just when i get my toys where I was them....she picks them up and puts them in a basket. So, as soon as I get some energy I am up off the couch and making a nice big mess. Mom took me to three beaches today...but the third one was the best. It was at 9 at night, and windy, and cool...i love the cold. I ran and ran. Nobody could keep up to me,(note from mom:nobody wanted to keep up with her...) I was so fast. Just before we left the beach we saw a little baby boy pitX..he was so fun. He kept jumping on my shoulders and trying to bite my cute....for a second or two...just when i was getting ready to tell him who was boss, old bossy put my leash back on and said it was time to go home. Lucky little kid.....anyhow I gotta get back on the couch before my spot gets cold. Have a good day everyone.

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