Friday, June 09, 2006

Grannies with Potty favorite

Wow...what a day. I guess you are all wondering why I am sitting on a picnic table. You probably think I am some miserable mutt without any matters, well that just isnt the case. What happened leading up to this point was just enough to make you all go....poor little MJ. Anyhow here we go, Mom said she was too tired to go to the big doggy park today so we went to the mini park at Saxe point park. It is so nice there, but not alot of places to to run. Anyhow, my absent minded mommy left my leash in the car...and let me run. I ran and ran and ran, then we were coming up to the picnic table are to see all my little poodle doggy friends. There mommies are some sweet little grammas. Anyhow well i was having my rear end sniffed by the poodles, some joggers came through. Well I really like jogging and have thought about joining up as i tried to jog with these people,(did i mention the OFF LEASH PARK) mommy tried to stop me...but I am too fast for her. Anyhow just when she was about to catch me the joggers would take I tried to follow them...Finally mom asked if they would please stop so she could grab me. (Apparently my listening skills dont work unless there is food involved). Well suddenly the man jogger yelled some nasty things at me...then he squirted me in the face with his water bottle. That is when the sweet grammas told him to F did they give it to him...I have never heard that word so much in so little time. They told him that I was n the off leash park and i can play where i want...he said I should read the bylaws...and they told him to F Off again. Then ...this is when I got sad, he told me that next time it would be a friggin Rock he was going to throw at me. At this point I decided it wasnt fun anymore and the grannies told me to come up on the table with the poodles and they adored me. I love grannies. Anyhow Mom said we have to learn not to chase joggers. hmmmm...that could be tough...any ideas would be welcome. ( I probably wont listen ....but I will try)...anyhow i also wanted to tell you that my cousin Jake graduated today....he was so handsome.


Cairo The Boxer said...

Wow thats great the sweet grannies were there to tell the mean guy off. You look very cute on the table.

debbie said...

your mommy needs her mouth washed out with soap!

Cubby said...

I can't imagine my Grammy would say that, but that is cool! Go Grannies!

And try biting the water if someone squirts you again!