Saturday, September 30, 2006

MJs tummy aches

This is DAD making me sit so mom can take a picture...

Hmmm I wonder if Sherman was already here today...let me check

This is what me and Tigger were doing until about 12:30 today and mom and day said the word Beach...dang that word works better than an alarm clock..

Not much news here today doggybloggers.. I think I have the tummy flew. Last night before I went to bed I barfed, and then I decided I wanted to sleep with my I guess I still had a tummy ache so I barfed all over his bed in the middle of the night. He had to get up and wash all his bedding. It needed a good cleaning anyhow. So then I got in moms bed and slept until after noon. Gosh it was nice. And she let me snuggle with Tigger. (I am NOT allowed to let any parts of Tigger in my mouth.)...Suddenly I heard the beach word and off we went. So it was a short trip but at least i got to sniff about a i am resting with dad on the couch. So I hope everyone has a good weekend. MJ OUT.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon M-J :-( It's not much fun to have a tummy ache ! You sure look cute all snuggled up wuth Tigger :-)


Liberty said...

Tummy aches suck! I had one of those once when I got into my brother Ozma's cat box! You didn't do anything I would do, did you MJ?

~Liberty the Poophead
(hey! I have my moments!)

ranger said...

i had tummy aches. one time when i was really little, i whined cause my tummy hurt so bad. apparently, i ate too much stuffing from one of my toys and finally barfed it up. *whew* i felt better!


Sam I Am said...

It's NOT fun it's NOT fun when your tummy hurts.I try to keep calm, rest my tummy (ack!!), soak up the rays of warm sun on my humans carpet,feel better.sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Isabella said...

I hope your tummy is feeling better! Sometimes a dog just has to throw up! I have my own throw blanket on my couch.
Big Wags,

Tigersan said...

Hey, what is Tigger doing over there... he is supposed to be in my toy-chest where me last put him ;)

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi MJ,

I hope you are all better now.

Just stopped in to say hi.


MJ's doghouse said...

Thankyou all of you for making me feel better....I have been good as new for a bit now...but our kitty...she got sick on was groooooooooosss...oh well..i guess the old lady cant eat like she used to...

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