Sunday, July 03, 2011

MJ is catching UP

Since I have been so busy lately, and ignoring my blog, I decided I better just get to work. I have a little bit of everything here. I am not sure you know or not but mommy and daddy and I drove all the way to my grammas house. I had to sit in the car for five days...See this bear up here, I think it is my momma. She reminds me of me....

On our trip we saw this truck and camper. It caught on fire and we had to wait a really long time until it burned up. They couldnt get fire trucks that high in the mountains. Nobody was hurt though, I am sure they were sad though.

Why do moms think they are so funny. So hysterical....put grass on the dog....NOT


Maybe if I just ignore her she will go away...go go go go away...

I am loving the lakes up can swim and you can drink the water at teh same time...sometimes I drink waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much water.....

Here is daddyo...trying to catch a fish...he cannot ...he says it is because there are no fish in the lake...I think t is cuz he is a lousy fisherman

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah what a beautiful day for a swim....Mom made me keep on my leash so I didnt swim away on her...

I just noticed here that I can see the clouds in the lake..wierd....

now this is exciting....mama put a tomato upside down on this stupid thing she saw on far its alot bigger but no tomatoes...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my new watering hole....i wont swim in it....i did step in it and step out...but...the water is super delish....

Keepin an eye on things...someone has to...lotsa hooligans in the niegbourhood...the other day there was a real live porkypine wandering around. I was told I had to stay in doors...moms wreck everything...

This here is my bff Brooklyn...she was on holidays for a whole 10 days but not she is home..I missed her sooooooooooooooooo much

Oh I do love her soooooooooooooooooooo so so much...

Okay...look how muchI love this gramma has one on her floor in her living is the only place i was allowed to sleep when i was I just layed on the sheep and enjoyed myself....anyhow...that was my life the last month or so...and of my kitties and my brudder is moving here.....for a I will sure have lots to say....I would like to give everyone a big slobbery kisssss.....


Mango said...

MJ Darling,
You have been such a busy gal. I, too, was confused by the first photo as it did look a lot like you. I like your giant water bowl. I have one too. I find the water actually tastes much better if you put your feet in it. Go ahead, try....


Sarah Familia said...

Lol! The bear really is a great likeness.

Lorenza said...

Sure you saw lots of interesting things on your trip!
Thanks for sharing it!
Kisses and hugs

Sam and Pippen said...

We are most devastated that we didn't get to see you when you was visiting... You could have stayed at our house... we would have let you sleep on the bed!

Sam and Pippen

Huskee and Hershey said...

Wow MJ, you have been a busy girl, haven't you? Sorry your dad didn't manage to catch any fish (or that there is no fish in the lake :P).. otherwise it'd have been nice to have freshly caught fish for dinner!

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

MJ, we are so happy to see that you are ok and keeping busy. Looks like you had a nice trip to visit your grandma, although 5 days [each way] is a LONG drive. Jed would love to be able to swim in a river like you did. Enjoy your summer and stay cool.

Jed & Abby

Shane Kent Louis said...

Wow, I was glad to see you happy with your Pawrents. thanks for sharing your moments to us! keep safe..:)

Dog Fence

Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Just checking in to say hello! So hard to keep up with all of our bloggy doggy friends. Glad you're having a good time. Don't be such a stranger.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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