Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Me....little ole Me

this is an old picture for all you pups that forgot what \i look like. My mom had a bad day and wants to tell you a story. mom and I went to pick up my sister. When we got there mom and I jumped out of the car so we could go see Grandma for a minute. Anyhow I snucked away and ran around the house...minding my own business...when suddenly...(after mom got me under control) I hear this crazy lady screaming at my mom. So I am all excited and want to go see the crazy lady. My tail is waggin but mom wont let me go and talk to her. The crazy lady is going on and on and on about getting IT ...(her exact words were not even allowed on HBO I dont think..) on its leash before she calls the fffffing cops. So mom asked what her problem was because I am always on my leash...except this time. Well apparently the other night when there was a birthday party at my grandmas...I was there for abotu 10 minutes....and I was on a leash, I had the lady trapped in her yard cuz if she came out I was going to kill her. My mom was so angry at this part that she just started was still wanting to play with her. Mom said that I am friendly and that I would never hurt anyone. The crazy ladys man said that the problem is that if his dog...( a miniature poodle) gets loose it will attack me. Now at this point mom kinda just lost it...cuz apparently...because I am a HBO work pitbull I am going to kill people in the neighbourhood. Anyhow mom just wishes people werent so scared. I didnt even want to kill her...what was the use really...I just ate.....
MJ OUT....(and wishes people were not so stupid and mom would stop being so sad)ohohohoh
have you guys ever read my new friends is
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Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

hey buddy,

that crazy ole woman is just plain nasty !!!!! Would you like me to send her a big fresh pile of my doggy doo ? That will fix her !

Tell your mum that we are all sending her hugs and that that woman deserves to be bitten ! But not by you - as we all know you would NEVER do anything like that !

Stupid woman !!!! GRRRRR - makes me gruff that she has upset my bff and her wonderful mum !



Shannon said...

Hey MJ,
Looking good!

Tell your mom that ignorant people suck and that the media sucks for being such fear mongers about pit bulls. Anyone who truly knows about pits (which isn't even a breed) knows that you are wonderfully loyal, gentle dogs and even used to be considered the 'nanny dog' in england because of the compainonship you can have with kids.

It doesn't matter the breed of the dog, its the owners that create monsters and your mom has done a wonderful job and raised a friendly, well socialized (and beautiful) pup.

I know its hard to do, but give your mom some extra love and tell her to forget about the crazy, stupid woman. You'll never be able to change her opinon and its probably not worth stressing out over.


Lorenza said...

Hi, MJ!
would you like to learn some bad words in spanish to tell to that crazy lady?? Or... I can bite her for you!
Shannon is right... ignore her! She just does not know you!
Give your mom kisses and hugs from us, ok?
Take care


Woof MJ
People are so stupid, just ignore them. We're glad our Mom isn't like that. Anyway, our neighbor Duke is a pit and a really cool pup. He's on the other side of the fence but we still run with him. Oh about the toad, yeah they're pretty disgusting. They only come out in the rainy season but they really freak Mom out. You should hear her scream. Crazy lady.

Woof at you later,
Desert Pups

Joe Stains said...

What a crazy MEAN old lady!!! You want me to mail her a box of poop?!

Sophie Brador said...

Oh MJ, Tell your mom not to worry. There are some people out there who are just so f'ing crazy and probably bored with their lives that they do stupid stuff like that. Mom ran into one just the other night. I was on my leash and I gave growl at her giant german shepard and suddenly, a hail of yelling and screaming rained down upon us. I mean, for Pete's Sake! I was on my leash. Sorry I didn't like her stupid dog, but that's doggie politics, you know?

To be on the safe side, your mom should be extra careful to make sure you are always on your leash when she takes you to grandmas though. People like that can be big, big headaches and make big trouble over nothing. Stupid crazy people!!!!!



Woof, MJ

Sorry you didn't get to watch The Greatest American Dog. Maybe you can grab the remote and accidently turn the TV on.

Woof, Woof,
Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby

Mango said...

MJ! I am crying! How could anybody look at your lovely face and think you would ever hurt anybody (you might slime them a bit, though).

Don't you worry. Sounds like mom has got your back. Watch out for the attack mini-poodles though. We have one in our neighborhood and they are insane!


Mango said...

MJ Darlin! I promise I was really thinking of you when I was flashing the girl next door.


BWTH Dog House said...

We are glad to lend you 4 bity mouth here. We promised we will bite those stoopid hooman with all our strength...

slurpy licks,

A&S said...

that is just not fair! the worst people say about us is that we look like foxes. we really do have pointy teeth, tho... sorry people are so ignoramoose